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“Where is Harry?”-an award winning short film- finally online!

3 Sep

Nearly two and a half years ago I took a risk and sent one of my treatments to the Allegro Short Lab competition organised by the Off-Plus Camera International Film Festival in Krakow (Poland). Two weeks later I received a message that I was shortlisted and together with 5 other hopefulls invited to a weekend long workshops, where we had an opportunity to discuss and develop our projects with the help of the industry-professionals. After that, we were given 5 weeks to complete the films. That meant 5 weeks to write a script, cast actors, find crew, find locations, shoot and edit the film. Not much considering I held a full time job at the same time. However, it wasn’t the first time that I proved to myself that the more things I had to do, the more efficient and organised I suddenly became. Plus, I had never been so determined and so hopeful to win a competition as I was while making “Where is Harry?”.

All that determination and hard work paid off. Despite some expected “unexpected difficulties” the film was completed on time. The edit was finished and uploaded 5 minutes before the deadline. And during the festival’s Opening Ceremony, I was announced as the winner. “Where is Harry?” won the first prize!

Since Krakow, the film was shown in Koszalin (Poland), London (United Kingdom) and Los Angeles (USA).Today it is being sent out there- to the wider public. Enjoy! And if you like it, share it with others, like it on Facebook or post a comment here.

For more information about the film, cast and crew please visit its FB page or https://mallywinifilms.com/projects/where-is-harry/