Where is Harry?

“Where is Harry?”- a short film by Mallywini Films

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About the film: ‘Where is Harry?’ is an award winning short film, which was written and directed by Mally S. (Malwina Sworczuk) and was the catalyst which initiated the Mallywini Films as well as the formation of LoVArts (the London Visual Arts collective). The film won Allegro Short Lab (part of Off-Plus Camera Film Festival, Krakow, Poland) in 2012 and was since then was shown in Poland, London and USA at several film festivals and special events.

Harry, a dementia-suffering former school principal, has gone missing. His wife, an energetic Mrs. Watson, searches every corner of their neighborhood to find him. Is Mrs. Watson prepared to find out the truth about her husband’s whereabouts…?



The video below shows the writer and director of the film being featured in the TV spot of the Day 2 of the Koszalin Film Festival:

Have a look at the stills from the film:

Mrs. Watson – Norma Cohen
Harry Watson – Michael Grinter
Glenda Watson – Scarlet Sweeney
Teacher – Chryssanthi Kouri
Principal – Earth G Seasun-Moonstar
Suzan – Catarina Partkinson
Mrs. Sinclair – Sharron Day
Student – Dylan Kris
Children from St. James School/ Mad About Talent


Writer/Director – Mally Malwina Sworczuk
Cinematography – Sam Brown
Assistant Director – Simon Howarth
Sound – Pietro Giordano
Music – Kevin MacLeod
Editing – Malwina Sworczuk
Grading – Martyna Knitter
Camera Assistant – Faisal Chaudhuri, Iustin Filip-Mucenic
Art Department/Stills – Kaska Porczyk, Aleksandra Karpowicz Catering – Mike Magras

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