PolinArts and the Outsiders

FilmSchool‘PolinArts and the Outsiders’ is a new documentary about Polish artists living and working in London is written and directed by Mally S. You can find out more information about the project and up to date news about its development on the project blog.

The film aims to show the work and life of Polish artists who made London, a city branded as a cultural heart of Europe, their home. The film will not only promote the work of these artists but also examine the cultural and personal identity of many other artists-immigrants from various other countries and look closely at some difficult issues linked cultural differences, like tolerance and discrimination (that aimed at immigrants and that which immigrants are guilty of) present in every day of London’s life.

Faithful to its topic, the documentary will be presented in a truly artistic way by mixing various media, from film, theatre and animation to sound and fine art.

Can art overcome cultural differences? Do artists get homesick? Can PolinArts influence London’s artists and art lovers? How much of Poland is in PolinArtist? How much can a PolinArtist change Poland? Can you spot a PolinArtist on a picture?

Discover the answers for yourself by joining us on this adventure. Witness a new documentary being born.

We think that it will take us around a year to take the project from its current stage of development to the final finish. Throughout this time, we will regularly update this blog, so you will always know where we are in the production.

We hope that you will stay with us from now till the end. FOLLOW our production and GET INVOLVED, whether by working with us, making comments, promoting or supporting us financially. We will appreciate all contributions.



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