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‘PolinArts and the Outsiders’-coming to finish

24 Jan

After almost 2,5 years, ‘PolinArts’ is nearly coming to the end of the production process.

Today, I interviewed the last member of the ‘PolinArtists’ family: Katy Carr. Katy is a very unique artist: Polish born- BUT British raised- British at heart -BUT reconnected with Polish roots- a singer and songwriter. Most of all, like many of us, she is a proud Outsider, like many of us.


Katy is a modern bart. She is fascinated with individual stories from the World War 2 from both sides, Polish and British and uses her music to share them. She sings mostly in English, in a British folk style, but also interjects Polish words and names into the stories. As Katy says, ‘war’ is experienced everywhere in the same way. It’s destructive to human life regardless on which continent it takes place. Everyone who experience it, in a shape or form, will relate to those stories.

Katy is a very unique artist and definitely worth listening to. Below one of my favourite song of hers: ‘Mala, Little Flower’: