New project full of magic: “Hackney Fairy Tale”

23 Apr

I haven’t been writing anything for a while, but today is THE DAY, the day when I’m happily going back to posting.

I’m sitting in one of the local cafes, Lazy Social. It’s a lazy place in its best possible meaning. The large windows let in the sunlight reflected by shiny surfaces of old-school desks. The 60-70’s music coming from the speakers create a very relaxed atmosphere full of positive vibes. A strong and delicious coffee served in dotted cups fills the veins with excitement and new ideas…

I’ve been working on a new project for some time now. Originally it was supposed to be a panto- inspired story but very soon more serious themes started emerging and now the “Hackney Fairy Tale” is being developed as an urban fairytale with elements of magical realism. The idea is to explore the strengths and values of female characters, which traditionally were rewarded for simply being beautiful and not-given much credit for their intellect or any other skills.

This project is already full of magic. As soon as I decided to use Cinderella as a basis for one of the stories, I suddenly found an abandoned slipper on one of the streets of Central London. No. I’m not kidding. What’s more, a friend I invited to develop the script with me, found one too.

(null) IMG_6641

Then I opened an email from one of the Meet Up groups. I usually don’t have to time to even check my group mails, so I found it very telling that the only email I actually read was inviting me to an Immersive theatre show based on… guess!… exactly: Brother’s Grimm Fairy Tales.

The show was performed over 4 rooms adapted to 4 different tales. There were talented actors, wonderfully crafted puppets, realistic costumes and plenty of creatively adapted corners and hidden rooms to immerse oneself in a fair tale world.

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 19.49.53

There was of course also a slipper. There had to be a slipper!


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