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My “PolinArts…” accepted to the Dragon Forum 2014!

25 Apr

Thought I haven’t been doing much lately! You couldn’t be more wrong. 🙂

Even though the blog has not been visited much, I didn’t stop being busy. I have recently directed and filmed several film sections for a stage play ‘The boiling point’, produced by Give It Some Room. (more on this with pictures in my next post)

In the meantime, I continued working on ” PolinArts…”. I’m pleased to announced we got some good news, recently!

Our project got accepted to the Dragon Forum 2014, training program for development and marketing of documentary films.  Each year, Dragon Forum takes place at the end of May as part of the Krakow Film Festival and this year is no exception.

We applied for it literally at the last minute, so we were even more glad when we found out that we were 1 out of 15 projects chosen by the Dragon Forum’s panel! You can imagine that excitement we felt when we got the confirming email!Dragon Forum Logo

No wonder! Participation in this project will give us a chance to pitch the film in front of the European commissioners.

Believe it or not, but that’s not the end of good news! Somehow, things work in our favour, and we just found out that the special guest of 54. Krakow Film Festival is United Kingdom. What a coincidence, right!?  For us, this means that Dragon Forum will have decision makers associated with Channel 4 and BBC in the panel.  How funny and amazing at the same time, would be to get one of these TV stations to back our project!? But you never know, Dragon Forum can open the doors for us.  The forum’s website says  “We hope that it [the presence of the above guests] will turn into long-term and fruitful cooperation”; we hope that too! Very much so…


This year, it will be us standing on that floor and pitching our hearts out

This year, it will be us standing on that floor and pitching our hearts out

However, this development brings us back to the necessity of having a proper producer on board. Somebody ( ideally a company) who can handle the legal and financial aspects of the film’s production and distribution. We have two weeks to find such person/ company as we need to pay for our participation by 9th May. So the hunt begins…

Our strategy is simple:

1. Finish the trailer and make sure it has the Polish and English subtitles (which I’m nearly done with and my friend, Norma, offered to proof-read)

2. Translate the proposal, so it’s ready to be sent out in both languages (Kasia and I are already working on the Polish translation; Fraser and Norma soon to be polishing the English version)

3. Use the list of companies (put together by Valeria)  who in the past submitted independent documentaries to the Sheffield Documentary Festival and ask for meetings…

4. Get the marketing team going so we can create some buzz before the workshops (that will include be Anna-Jane, Ben, Andy, Carolyn and Bartosz, with his technical crew)

Aiste, as always, we hope, will be overlooking and helping out with this “simple” yet complicated procedure.

Please keep your fingers crossed!

Dragon Forum is held in this beautiful, historical city

Dragon Forum is held in this beautiful, historical city