Making of video- ‘Karma’: about hate, homophobia and…

18 Mar

Last year in November, I went for a drink with a friend of mine with the intention of arranging a GoPro camera for my project the ‘PolinArts….’. Little did I know that Jarek was also meeting two other people, Bartek and Michal, for a preproduction of their short film ‘Karma’.  I decided to stay and join the discussion. Two beers later, I got myself agreeing to filming and editing a ‘making of video for’ them… 3 months after that, the video is finally finished 🙂

‘Karma’, as its co-writer and director Bartosz Dzidowski explains, is a short film about hate, racism, homophobia, violence and.. Quite intriguing, especially that the main characters are two skinheads…

The film was shot over two days, but I could only attend the first one. However, regardless of that, I got some pretty decent footage on that day. During the editing, I was positively surprised by the footage I got from filming the boy’s meeting by the GoPro camera. Considering that there was no output, which meant I had no idea if I was pointing it the right direction- it came up pretty well. The rest of the footage was taken by my small Sony H-SR camera.

Check out the video if you have 3 minutes to spare:

Below, is a link to the original film:

One Response to “Making of video- ‘Karma’: about hate, homophobia and…”

  1. zuzatehanu April 30, 2014 at 2:13 am #

    Hey! Great “Making of” video, congrats!

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