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PolinArts on twitter

31 Mar

Exciting time for “PolinArts…”. I have now 12 new collaborators, who are helping with various tasks of the production process. Just yesterday two new young members joined the team. The trailer for the documentary is nearly finished… I’m thinking- we are rocking!

With so much excitement, the time has come for “PolinArts…” to go global and let the the World know about its existence. So last week we set up a twitter account, just for this project.

Please follow us @PolinArts and spread the word about our project. In return we will spread the love for Polish arts and artists in London.


Making of video- ‘Karma’: about hate, homophobia and…

18 Mar

Last year in November, I went for a drink with a friend of mine with the intention of arranging a GoPro camera for my project the ‘PolinArts….’. Little did I know that Jarek was also meeting two other people, Bartek and Michal, for a preproduction of their short film ‘Karma’.  I decided to stay and join the discussion. Two beers later, I got myself agreeing to filming and editing a ‘making of video for’ them… 3 months after that, the video is finally finished 🙂

‘Karma’, as its co-writer and director Bartosz Dzidowski explains, is a short film about hate, racism, homophobia, violence and.. Quite intriguing, especially that the main characters are two skinheads…

The film was shot over two days, but I could only attend the first one. However, regardless of that, I got some pretty decent footage on that day. During the editing, I was positively surprised by the footage I got from filming the boy’s meeting by the GoPro camera. Considering that there was no output, which meant I had no idea if I was pointing it the right direction- it came up pretty well. The rest of the footage was taken by my small Sony H-SR camera.

Check out the video if you have 3 minutes to spare:

Below, is a link to the original film: