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New Year, new page, new notebook…

26 Jan

So the news is: I am back! 🙂 After few months of rest and dealing with what one would call ‘life and its unexpected turns’, I am back to the blog and the work on the documentary is again in full steam.

New Year required, of course, a new notebook. There is nothing like a new stationary supply to boost up the energy. Well, at least for me. I had this fetish since primary school and years later… um, not much has changed. I still get overexcited when I fill the first page of a new notebook, especially if it is as unusual as this one pictured above. In some way it allows to start everything from the beginning; to forget everything that didn’t go well and believe that this time things will go just as intended, meaning perfectly. So in a way, a new page of a new notebook, is like an injection of hope. And hope pushes your forward to make things happen.

To celebrate the Hope and New Year I also changed the look of the blog. I hope you like it.

via New Year, new page, new notebook….