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An identity crises at London Screenwriters Festival

28 Oct

An identity crises at London Screenwriters Festival

Another LSF is over. Below is a quote that would sum up what I’ve learned, and hope to retain ( these two don’t always go hand to hand) from the sessions- it’s all about the feelings.

“People will forget what U said, people will forget what U did, but people will never forget how U made them feel -Maya Angelou”

In the meantime, as you can probably tell from my name on the photo, I’m going through an identity crises. Which way to go now? 😉

“Women don’t paint very well.”

23 Oct

October is a good month for me. It’s the month I was born in and somehow it always makes me excited of the year ahead (I’ve been tuned to the academic calendar since my primary education).

For some time now I had this idea of making a film about the reasons why women, throughout the centuries and different cultures, have been oppressed by men.

The film would be a mixture of research and fiction and obviously, totally subjective- I think it’s time for another female revolution.

The other day a friend of mine sent a link to her new blog. You can imagine how excited I was when I found out that without knowing she provided me with some very relevant research for my film. I don’t have to add that I’ll be asking her to join forces next time I grab a coffee with her, which is planned very soon 😉

Please have a look at her post “Women don’t paint very well.”.