Issue of Identity in the ‘PolinArts and the Outsiders”

28 Apr

ImageFrom the beginning of making this documentary, the issue of identity was one of the main subjects of the film.  How do Polish people (or more precisely -artists) form and establish their identity after leaving the country where they were born?

As I continue conducting the interviews, I am amazed how differently we all look at this topic. The younger migrants form their identity around their personal choices and modern life experiences, rejecting some traditional values and embracing the new ones. The representatives of the older emigration, who left the country mostly for political reasons and often wasn’t allowed to go back, cultivate the traditions. As with all generational conflicts, there is a lot of emotionally charged clashes and misunderstandings.



Yet, there are also some people who can take a more objective view and understand arguments from both sides of the barricade. One of such individuals is a very experienced theatre director Helena Kaut Howson, who’s been directing plays across the whole Europe, including UK, Poland and France. Her recent production –Sons without Fathers has just had its premiere in Coventry.

As we spoke on the phone, she shared a number of very thoughtful and wisely formed observations about the identity and values of both groups. I was impressed by the quality of her language, which put mine use of Polish to shame.

At the time of our conversation, due to time restrictions (Helena’s and mine) we were unable to do an interview in front of the camera. However, now, with a changed deadline, I hope that I might be able to meet with Helena before the short version of the documentary is finished.

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