Change of deadline for PolinArts and the Outsiders, my new documentary

22 Apr

If you are following the blog, you’d noticed that the countdown to the deadline, which was positioned on the right hand side, is gone now. That is because we have recently found out that the festival we were aiming at would not serve the film very well. We have been advised by Agnieszka’s ( my co-producer) industry contacts that certain festivals are better to premier a film, than the others. That is because of the likeliness that the film will be spotted by distributors and other festival programmers. As the project gets wider publicity and gathers more interest, we were advised to withhold and submit to another, more prestigious festival, which can help promoting the film.

For us, it’s a good news. It means we have a bit more time for the edit and we can do few more interviews.  The newest artist who agreed to meet us is Slawa Harasymowicz! So stay with us and keep on reading, please :)

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