4th week of filming for PolinArts: Philip Filipczuk and Soma Ansamble

21 Apr

Philip FilipczukDuring the fourth week of filming I spent a load of time with Philip Filipczuk, the founder of Soma Ansamble.

Philip is a Buddhist and a philosopher.  Some of our conversations went beyond the subject of the film and covered life, death and spirituality.

However, Philip is mostly a musician. His main instrument is a silver saxophone (positioned behind him on the picture). Aside from his sax, he also owns and plays a range of other wind instruments, some of them are self-made (check out the pipe he’s holding).

I was allowed to follow Philip through his daily work routine and was invited to the rehearsal of Some Ansamble. Now, that was a treat! As I was there, enjoying a private concert, I was immersed by music. It made me slow down, forced to relax.

The band consists of 6 musicians, who come from different parts of the world, and has been gathering faithful following  for the past few years. On the day when I visited them, the boys practiced pieces from their other project- Cut Out From Now.

Whilst I’m editing the material from the rehearsal, have a look at this video from one of their gigs at The Others, 2010 (video made by Andrzej Szolomicki):


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