Documentary making continues: DIY animations

14 Apr

I have only 16 days left to finish my documentary, PolinArts and the Outsiders and submit it to the festival. So the pressure is on.

Unfortunately, I could  not find anyone who could do/help me with making animations for the documentary, so I decided to do them myself.

Here is how I am making them.

I had a cut out man already in my storage. I made him a year or two ago for another project. At that time I just shoot him with a green backdrop and presented against a white screen. It worked but was very flat in the way it looked. This time I wanted to make something more advanced.

At first, I made simple sketches as a story board, so I knew what I needed.

Sketches for PolinArts and the Outsiders

The I began creating background, to add a more 3 dimensional feel.  Below are some pictures from the process:

IMG_20130413_180900 IMG_20130413_194347 IMG_20130414_000147 IMG_20130414_091949 IMG_20130414_092018

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