Schedule for the next two weeks = short film challenge

2 Apr

Easter break means few things for me- firstly, it’s a time without paid work; which sucks… However, it also means that I have time to get on with what I really love- filmmaking. So, I crack on.

PolinArts is of course at the top of the list, clearly because I hope to get it finish for the set deadline, which is at the end of the month! Help! The looooong list of smaller tasks includes:

  • organise and conduct interviews with the rest of the PolinArtists and the others from the list
  • prepare animations
  • find suitable music/composer (ideally)
  • organise interviews in Poland (but stay in UK- magic!)
  • set up Twitter for the project (scary!)
  • find a designer for opening credits (brief is already written) and for a logo/promotional materials
  • film b-rolls from London
  • log footage
  • make transcript from interviews
  • edit…

Not much, eh!?

Apart from the above, there is one or two more projects I’d like to do. I’d like to make a short film. Correction- I NEED to make a short film. It’s been too long… I have a script from a young screenwriter that’s been waiting ages for it to be turned into a decent film. The script unfortunately needs some work, but once it’s finished it shouldn’t take more than two days to film it. But organising the production will take probably most of the remaining timMallywini 2 weeks challengee.

Yet, I’d still like more. Sometime ago, I have offered to make a music video for a band I know. We discussed it last month, but there was never enough time to do it. The Easter holiday seem perfect for it…

So, a challenge begins.  Having a tendency of being over ambitious, can I actually do everything I set up for myself? Let’s hope so…

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