Dark Soul Night. Inner Reality – revisited

30 Mar

Last weekend I went to a two day event to interview and record work of some of my PolinArtists (Polish Artists I follow for my documentary) and make a promo for the event. I started recording on Wednesday night, filming the setting up. On Friday, I spent most of the day at the venue, recording a rehearsal to ‘Midnight Teatime Game’ an interactive performance organised by Kasia and Sebastian, two new PolinArtists. During the weekend I met few more Polish artists, including a very talented Oskar Krajewski, who will also take part in the documentary. Below I reblog a post I made for the documentary’s website (www.polinarts.wordpress.com) where you can see pictures from the event.

Easter! Finally! Time to relax, rest and reflect a bit on the last weekend events when I attended Dark Soul Night. Inner Reality organised by Zuza Tehanu,one of the PolinArtists I follow. The event took place at the Vibe Gallery in Bermondsey, next to London Bridge. I was there for both days and tried to record everything that was worth of recording and more. Here is a short photo report.

Instalation by Isabella Findeisen

“Her work is usually very spatial; therefore her work is focused on space of different places, her interest is also to attract awareness of the place itself, places whom we in general wouldn’t actually give much attention in a normal day to day base.”






Performance by April Pipe, “This is it and nothing more…(a secret ballet)”

“This is it and nothing…is inspired by wabi sabi, a mindfulness practice of…

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