Angry Bird -today, that’s me!!!

21 Mar

I was planning to write about something completely different- for example, proudly present the progress of the documentary I am working on, review a course I attended, discuss a film/theatre play I watched or share some profound thoughts I recently had- BUT a short discussion with my parent, made me change my mind completely…


It made me ANGRY!

OH!!!!! How angry it made me!!!


My parent was not so guilty…  even though he add his share… he was barely a catalyst for the anger that had been bubbling under my skin for quite a while…

The reason? FRUSTRATION!

For the last two months I had to listen to people planning and directing MY projects (including the documentary)! I think you should do this… why don’t you do that!… how about if you…. You SHOULD to do this… You don’t want to do that….!



Why do you need to tell me what to do!? Why don’t you given me the chance to present my ideas first!!! Tell you what I’ve already planned??? I find it so frustrating…

You wouldn’t tell a painter how they should paint their picture, would you!? You don’t advise a sculptor how he/she should form his/her sculptures! No. You wait, you don’t look over their shoulder, you give them time to find the right form, to find the best way of expressing their ideas…

So why do you have to advise a filmmaker!?

If you have ideas, make them yourself. Otherwise, wait. Let my ideas find the right form. And listen, you may actually find what I have to say interesting …

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