First week of filming for a short documentary ‘The PolinArts’

17 Mar

The last few weeks were very busy. I attended a couple of intensive workshops, one about documentary production with Tracy Gardiner and the other one about Visual Storytelling, based on the teaching of Alexander Mackendrick, both delivered at London Film School (LFS) in Covent Garden. I will write about each in more detail in one of my next posts.  


Based on the advise given by Tracy, in order to generate funding, I decided to do a shorter version of my documentary and submit it to Koszalin Film Festival. The deadline for submission in end of April so I have less than two months. Luckilly, I found two events organised by Polish Artists that are taking place within this time and all artists agreed to be filmed. The first week is of the filming is already over. You can read about what that  time and find details on one of the events I mentioned in the documentary’s blog:


First week of filming for PolinArts- Dark Soul Night. Inner Reality


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